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where you move from patient to healer


Natural Calm and Healing brings together a wide range of learnings and modalities to safely promote and maintain calm and healing for body, mind and spirit.


Learn how to:

break free from frustrating health issues

avoid or reduce the need for expensive, ongoing pharmaceutical treatments*

 ditch a stressed & empty lifestyle

change negative and overwhelming thoughts 


Learn how to;

calm your busy mind

activate your body's healing systems

use your unconscious mind to create lasting change

create deep states of relaxation and healing



Why more people are learning these techniques


People are fed up with costly and ineffective wellness solutions. 

They want more choice, safety and control of their own health and wellbeing.


Serious Calm and Healing offers;


natural, proven & achievable techniques

a complete approach to healthy mind, body and spirit

focus on empowering YOU no matter what is going on

strategies to calm a busy mind


training to create positive self-image, thoughts and actions


insight into the dangerous impact of our current food systems


resources and tools to support your journey to self-empowerment



Leonie Cridland3 

Leonie Cridland


This program currently available as a one-on-one program.

Exciting NEW ONLINE Calm and Healing programs are currently under development.

Book a FREE exploration call to discover if this is the program for you.



Visit me at for the Natural Calm program and coaching to create some Serious Calm and Healing in your life!



*There will always be situations when there is need for the care of traditional medical services.The programs presented here are targeted for prevention and and can also be used in support of other medical services and treatments to reduce stress, create calm and allow the body's healing systems to get to work.

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